Elderly care

In a fast pace of life, we do not always find the time to even visit our parents. Especially to control their health, quality and regularity of medical care.

The program will help to avoid or detect diseases that come with age, and prolong high-quality life. Deep and comprehensive assessment of health, support of the heart and blood vessels, immunity, normalization of blood sugar, prevention of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, improvement of liver function, optimization of bowel function, improvement of joints condition – all done in one place and with maximum comfort.

Treatment duration

5 days


Cost under reques


The package includes:



  • Consultations with physician, cardiologist, endocrinologist
  • Examinations and consultations by highly specialized doctors, if required or prescribed
  • Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics
  • Instrumental examination

Drug therapy

  • Intravenous injections for the heart, blood vessels, liver and brain support
  • Prescription of medications to normalize metabolic processes, activate the detoxification system, restore the body's defense mechanisms
  • Intake of individually selected vitamins, micronutrients and dietary supplements

Placental therapy

  • Therapeutic placental extract injections with immunomodulatory and general tonic effect

Aesthetic procedures

  • Aesthetic procedures using biological preparations based on placental extract

SPA procedures

  • Relaxing and therapeutic massages
  • Sauna and Hamam

Detox diet

  • Natural mixtures with antioxidant effect
  • Personalized detox diet designed by a dietician


  • Training sessions with personal rehabilitation trainer

Package price

Cost under reques

At your request or the recommendation of the attending physician, this program can be supplemented with: injections of placental drugs or the use of placental drugs in the process of cosmetic procedures, as well as consultations of narrow-profile specialists


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