The FMD program is based on a fasting-mimicking diet, the author’s adaptation of nutrition by Professor Valter Longo. The menu of the program consists of heat-treated vegetables and provides 1000-1200 kcal a day. IVs and supplements of vitamins and minerals make the lack of calories unfelt, training sessions and SPA procedures enhance the detox effect.

Fasting mimicking diet –a nutrition program that cleanses the body at a cellular level, has extensive evidence base on prevention of cardiovascular diseases, oncology and premature aging, lowers cholesterol, improves liver condition.

As a result – guaranteed weight loss, bowel cleansing, activation of the clean-up of old and worn out cells (autophagy), a feeling of “clear” head and better state of health.

Treatment duration

5 days


Cost under reques


The package includes:



  • Consultation by therapist and other specialized experts
  • Dietarian’s consultation
  • Laboratory tests
  • Instrumental diagnostics

Drug therapy:

  • Intravenous injections of antioxidants and aminoacids
  • Prescription of medications to restore natural body functions
  • Intake of individually selected vitamins, micronutrients and dietary supplements

Aesthetic procedures:

  • Aesthetic procedures using biological preparations based on placental extract
  • Face and body sculpting as an addition to the basic program

SPA procedures:

  • Manual author's massage techniques
  • Sauna and Hamam
  • Wrapping and mineralization
  • Sculpturing massage programs

Detox nutrition:

  • Fasting-mimicking nutrition program
  • Individualized conscious nutrition education


  • Individual training sessions, adapted to your training level

Package price

Cost under reques

At your request or the recommendation of the attending physician, this program can be supplemented with: injections of placental drugs or the use of placental drugs in the process of cosmetic procedures, as well as consultations of narrow-profile specialists


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