PostCOVID-19 Recovery

Follow up studies of patients who suffered COVID-19, convincingly show that this disease is charaterized by serious long-term consequences, which appear within weeks and even months after the end of the acute phase of the illness. Symptoms include not only loss of smell, but also constant fatigue, dizziness and memory loss, shortness of breath, heart pain, joint pain, activation of autoimmune processes, impaired digestion, and even hair loss. This condition is called “long” or “chronic COVID”, according to research, it occurs in 87% of patients, even in mild form.

PostCOVID-19 Recovery program includes a combination of injections of placenta extract, restorative drugs and nutraceuticals to stimulate regenerative processes, ensure adequate immune system function, restore internal organs and homeostasis.

The aim of the program is to eliminate the consequences of coronavirus, restore the body’s reserves to return to full life.

Treatment duration

3 days


Cost under reques


The package includes:



  • Consultations and examinations by a doctor
  • Examinations and consultations by highly specialized doctors, if required or prescribed
  • Laboratory tests
  • Full instrumental diagnostics

Placental therapy:

  • Placenta extract injections with potent immunomodulatory and general tonic effect

Drug therapy:

  • Intravenous injections of antioxidants and aminoacids
  • Prescription of medications to restore natural body functions
  • Administration of individually selected vitamins, micronutrients and dietary supplements

SPA procedures:

  • Therapeutic and restorative massage techniques, respiratory exercise

Detox diet:

  • Seasonal menu with local products, enriched with vitamins and fiber
  • Plant-based mixtures with a potent antioxidant action

Package price

Cost under reques

At your request or the recommendation of the attending physician, this program can be supplemented with: injections of placental drugs or the use of placental drugs in the process of cosmetic procedures, as well as consultations of narrow-profile specialists


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