The program is intended to improve your appearance by achieving physical and emotional balance.

A complex of treatment and placental procedures, SPA & Wellness activities that will contribute to the relaxation and normalization of the body functions, relieving the effects of stressful situations and restoring healthy sleep, will help gain harmony and prevent body wear.

Treatment duration

5 days



The package includes:



  • Consultation by a regenerative medicine specialist, an anti-aging physician and specialized experts
  • Laboratory diagnostics of the body
  • Comprehensive instrumental examination

Drug therapy

  • Intravenous detox therapy with injections of antioxidants, hepatoprotectors and vitamin preparations
  • Administration of medications to relieve intoxication, clean blood vessels and normalize metabolic processes
  • Natural dietary supplements, vitamins and micronutrients

Placental therapy

  • Placenta extract injections, which have immunomodulatory, general tonic and rejuvenating effect.
  • The basic program can be supplemented with placental preparation injections for mesotherapy for the skin of face, neck, decollete, and scalp

Aesthetic procedures

  • Placental masks
  • Lymphatic facial massage and enzyme therapy
  • Lift aesthetic procedures using premium beauty care products
  • The basic program can be supplemented with botulinum toxin therapy, biorevitalization, injectable facial contouring preparations, injectable lipolytic and lifting preparations

SPA and Wellness procedures

  • Pressotherapy and reflexotherapy
  • Body wrapping and mineralization
  • Sauna and Hamam
  • Uniquely designed and therapeutic massages

Detox diet

  • Menu individually designed by a dietician
  • Daily intake of natural biologically active mixtures
  • Informed meal plan training


  • Morning yoga, pilates, stretching
  • Personal strength-and-cardio exercises

Package price

At your request or the recommendation of the attending physician, this program can be supplemented with: injections of placental drugs or the use of placental drugs in the process of cosmetic procedures, as well as consultations of narrow-profile specialists


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